The Department for Symphony and Opera Conducting

Candidates eligible to apply for admission to artistic training at the UMFC must have at least secondary school-leaving diploma but in special cases Rector may allow a person without such a diploma to undergo artistic training.

Artistic training may be offered in a language of tuition agreed on between an artistic supervisor and a trainee. In case when a curriculum of the training includes classes for different subjects the agreement should apply to all of them.

The enrolment procedure is carried out by Deans of each Department. The enrolment procedure is competition-based.

Artistic training is fee-based. Fees for artistic training are determined each year by the University’s Rector. For current price list go to the official university website:

The annual teaching load of artistic training cannot be lower than 30 teaching hours. One teaching hour (TH) has 45 minutes.




Specialty: Symphony and Opera Conducting


Individual classes in symphony and opera conducting (to select). The training is aimed at widening the knowledge and experience in the above-mentioned field.


  • prof. Tomasz Bugaj
  • prof. dr hab. Szymon Kawalla
  • prof. dr hab. Jan Miłosz Zarzycki
  • dr hab. Monika Wolińska, prof. UMFC
  • dr hab. Rafał Janiak

Enrolment conditions

  • sending a DVD with a recorded concert or an orchestra rehearsal or a link to a recording on the YouTube platform by the end of the registration period in the IRK to the following e-mail address:

Admission limit

  • 7 people


  • 6 000 EUR per 30 THs