Classes and Teachers

Remember that class attendance is obligatory.You can have a maximum of 5 absences from classes (both excused and unexcused). Remember, however, that in the case of three unjustified absences, the pedagogue may fail the course (Study Regulations, §9).

You have the right to apply to be assigned to a specific class and group of classes. You also have the right to change the teacher at each stage of your studies (Study Regulations, §10).

You can apply for an individual organization of studies. An individual schedule for the implementation of classes from the study programme may be granted (Study Regulations, §14):

·         outstandingly gifted students,

·         students with disabilities or

·         in other situations, justified by a particularly important student's interest.

In the event of a failing grade in an exam or a colloquium, you have the right to pass the exam in the re-sit session. In justified cases, you can obtain consent to transfer the examination (Study Regulations, §19).

Remember to submit to the dean's office your index supplemented with the subjects and names of teachers conducting classes applicable in a given semester by October 21 and within 14 days from the start of the summer semester (Study Regulations, §8)