Diploma Works


·         For graduation, a minimum of 180 ECTS points in first-cycle studies and 120 ECTS points in second-cycle studies must be achieved. Remember to get at least 30 ECTS credits during one semester. In the event of a surplus, with the Dean's consent, you can transfer them to the next semester (§7).

·         The graduate student prepares for the artistic part exam under the supervision of a professor or habilitated doctor. In exceptional cases, the dean, in agreement with the head of the department, may authorize the preparation of individual elements of the diploma examination of adjuncts or lecturers (§28).

·         The promoter of the thesis may only be an academic teacher of the UMFC who holds at least a doctoral degree. In exceptional justified cases, the Vice-Rector responsible for teaching may consent to waive of these conditions (§28).

·         The subject of the thesis must be approved by the head of the department by October 31 of the diploma year (§32).

·         The diploma examination should be submitted by the end of June of the last year of studies. At the student's request, in justified cases, the Dean may extend the deadline for taking the diploma examination until September 30 (§29).

·         The written diploma dissertation should be submitted no later than 2 weeks before the final stage of the diploma examination (§29).

·         You have the right to inform the Dean about the awards received for artistic or scientific achievements in order to include them in the diploma supplement (§12).

You may be re-entered on the list of students to defend yourself after being struck off. Re-entering the list of students and the defence of the student's diploma thesis may only take place in the period from May to September (§22), provided that there are no programme differences.