Registration for courses

Registration via USOSweb

Enrollment for classes is obligatory, and through the USOSweb system they will help you compose a lesson plan, taking into account your interests, dates and preferences as to the lecturers.

1.     Log in to

2.     Go to the "For Students" section.

3.     After selecting "Registration" from the menu, a list of all registrations that you have access to will be displayed.

4.     Click on the link "Go to registration" or "show items related to this registration".

5.     Register for the selected item or group by clicking on the basket icon.

Principles of selecting subjects 
The list contains a catalogue of optional and humanities subjects, which should be carried out wherever the study plan indicates an "optional course" or "elective humanities subject".

The humanities subject may be chosen in place of the optional course, but it cannot replace the humanities subject indicated in the study plan.

Subjects once completed at a lower level of studies may not be carried out at a higher level, unless their educational content is constantly changing or participation in classes assumes the criterion of gaining professional experience - continuous development (e.g. vocal-instrumental ensemble, chamber music, orchestral ensemble, instrumental ensembles, vocal groups, etc.).

It is possible to choose a second foreign language course as an elective.

WARNING! Election in the winter term of a subject that lasts longer than one semester, it means the obligation to complete all the assumed semesters of a given subject together with the indicated forms of credit.


1.     get acquainted with the program and plan of studies in the field of study;

2.     get acquainted with the list of optional subjects;

3.     log into the USOSweb system ;

4.     enroll in selected classes so that they do not interfere with the basic classes at the home faculty.


Unenrolling from classes

After the first month since the day of the beginning of the semester, the resignation from the elective subjects, confirmed by the dean, is possible only in the event when it is not possible to reconcile the completion of a given elective subject with the studies syllabus, confirmed by the dean. After this date, the elective subjects selected by the student, become obligatory and have to be credited in accordance with the rules binding for a given subject by the end of the subject cycle. The credit has to be confirmed by an entry in the student’s record book and in the examination sheet. In regard to the student who has not received a credit for the elective subject, the provisions of Article 20 of the University’s Student Handbook on a chargaeble retake shall apply.