Student ID

Student ID
 This is a document confirming the student's status (in particular, the right to use reduced fares in public transport and other discounts). It contains basic personal data as well as your photo. However, remember that the ID card has a fixed validity period - usually it is one semester.

Smart card
Cards are electronical. In addition to what is printed on them from the outside, they contain data stored in electronic form. In addition to basic personal data, they also contain information about the expiry date (it should be the same as on the hologram).

Additional possibilities
In addition to its basic function, which is confirming that you are a student at our university, there are also additional ones that can be performed by an ID card. This document entitles not only to:
- enter the University premises;
- use the teaching and training rooms; 
- using the collections of the FCUM Library and access to the reading room (the barcode printed on the reverse of the ID card is the number assigned to you for this purpose).

Handling the card
In the future,  you may need your card to access certain information or rooms. Therefore, it is worth treating it as an important and valuable document - store it just like other important cards (for example bank cards), try not to bend it or scratch it. In the event of damage or loss, you can apply for a duplicate (additional fee).

Warranty replacement
If, despite careful handling, the electronic system on the card no longer works properly, it is possible to replace the card with a new one. You will also receive information on the procedure to be followed in this case at the Teaching Department. Mechanically damaged (broken, bent, cracked) ID cards are not subject to warranty replacement.