If you are studying at another university, major or other specialization, you can apply for admission to studies by transfer. Detailed information on this subject can be found in § 24. Regulations of 1st and 2nd degree studies.

Remember that the admission as a result of transfer from another university, another field of study or specialization at your home university may only take place after completing the first year of studies, in the qualifying examination procedure and within the available limit of places. The decision on admission to studies is made by the Rector of the FCUM.

If you are transferring from another university, you must:
 a) have completed at least one year of studies and have the status of a student,
 b) submit an application to the Rector with justification,
 c) attach to the application a certificate of being a student and a course card or
 a list of completed subjects,
 d) take a qualifying exam.

The consent to the transfer may be conditional on the necessity to compensate for any differences in the study program and the necessity to complete the missing courses.The decision to transfer the classes is made by the dean after reviewing your application and the documentation of the course of studies. When applying in this matter, pay attention to the similarity of the names of the subjects, the content of the curricula of the subjects and the ECTS scores assigned to the classes.