The Student Dormitory DZIEKANKA

Below is the information about the rules for applying for a place at the Student Dormitory Dziekanka in the academic year 2022/2023 (based on the Rules of Benefits for Students and Doctoral Students at the UMFC). 

Application for a place at student dormitories in Warsaw and Białystok should only be submitted by email to the following address:
– for those studying in Warsaw
– for the Białystok Branch students

Application form should be downloaded from the website, then completed, signed and its scanned version sent by email. Also the attachments to the application should be emailed in their scanned version. 

The applications can be submitted from 16 August to 31 August 2022 and those made earlier shall be treated as submitted unjustifiably. 

During the allocation of places to the dormitories of Chopin University of Music, priority will be given to those who meet the following criteria inclusively:   
   a)  are in  difficult financial situation;
   b)  heir registered permanent place of residence is over 50 km away from Warsaw or Białystok, respectively;
   c)  start their first cycle studies at the Chopin University of Music in the year, when they are applying for a places at a student dormitory.  The applications for a place in student residences shall be examined by the Committee for Allocating Places at the Student Dormitory Dziekanka or the Commission for Allocating places at the Student Dormitory of the Chopin University of Music Branch in Białystok, respectively.

Persons who have not been granted a place at a student dormitory due to no more places available shall be added to a reserve list in the order they filed applications.

If a person who has been granted a place at a student dormitory fails to sign an agreement with the UMFC on the accomodation and fails to transfer the payment of the set amount of deposit to a designated account of the UMFC  before 7 October 2021, it is regarded that he/she therefore waives the place at the dormitory and that the place can be granted to a person from the reserve list.

If there is availability of places, they can also be allocated on the basis of the application submitted in the course of the academic year. 

Any disputes regarding the granting of places at the UMFC’s student dormitories shall be settled by the UMFC Vice-Rector for Student Affairs.



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