Recruitment rules in academic year 2020/2021

Recruitment carried out in the competition mode has been described in detail (along with the schedule) in Resolution No. 4/261/2020 of the UMFC Senate of January 21, 2020.
The study program of the Doctoral School and its effects are available in Resolution No. 5/262/2020 of the UMFC Senate of January 21, 2020

The attached application (download the application form with the questionnaire) for admission to the Doctoral School - in an editable version - should be completed and attached to the submitted recruitment documents. Information on how to submit them to the UMFC will be announced soon.

The submitted documentation will become the basis for sending the Candidate a referral to an occupational medicine doctor signed by an authorized person. With this referral, you should go to such a doctor and obtain a certificate from him, choosing the option of charges consistent with the topic of the planned doctorate. Then - before the end of the recruitment process - they should be submitted to the UMFC (as provided later).