Brand Book

University from the new side

With the beginning of 2020, we modernized the form of communication, introducing a professional visual identity system (SIW) in accordance with current trends. The principles of the construction of the logo, the methods of its application and the applicable color scheme are described in the UMFC Logo Book.

The previous logotype operating symbol was replaced by a sign consisting of the acronym of the University's name and its expansion. At the same time, the colors and lettering used in our communications were unified. The serif font Canela (the acronym of UMFC), referring to the tradition of printed materials, was complemented by the modern and universal typeface HK Grotesk.

A dynamic logo yielding to animation in digital application and shaping itself in different ways as needed in print media allows building a visual identity with character, while maintaining the seriousness inherent in an institution with such rich traditions.

The brand's leading color has become a timeless navy blue (Pantone 2965C), elegant in its simplicity, complemented by a warm gray hue (PANTONE Warm Gray 2C). Expressing tranquility, confidence and connectedness, the navy blue hue emphasizes the universal need for a reliable and stable foundation to safely build one's future.

All printed materials were based on a grid that remains in close relation to the new logotype. In this way, a coherent communication system was prepared - from concert placards to corporate materials such as letterheads, folders, envelopes and business cards.

The competition to create a new visual identity system for the UMFC was conducted by STGU. The University's new visual identity was designed by Gina Ferreira and Emidio Cardeira of the Portuguese studio Design Office.