Chopin University Cinema

Chopin University Cinema (CUC) is a small, independent cinema with Dolby Atmos top-class sound system. It is also a University art house, encouraging viewers through film acoustic values, music and sound effects  to meet before the film shows with sound engineers, composers, instrumentalists or editors. CUC boasts a carefully selected repertoire, presenting both the sound and musical aspect of films as well as the history of cinematography. There are also plans to show films with live music.

The invitation to the Chopin University Cinema in the 2022/2023 season is extended to you by a pianist, composer and satirist, Jerzy Petersburski Jr:
For me, what is most important is the audience. With the UMFC Rector’s approval, I will propose to you a remarkable film and music experience in the chamber hall of  the Chopin University Cinema – the hall, that I remember as a student and today know perfectly well as the University’s lecturer. In CUC there is always the atmosphere of magic. I invite you!!! Jerzy Petersburski Jr.