Artistic Discipline Council

The responsibilities of the Artistic Discipline Council include granting degrees in the field of art within the discipline of musical art, conducting recognition procedures as per Article 328 of the Act, coordinating actions related to the preparation of the evaluation of the University's scientific activities, and carrying out other tasks assigned by the Rector.

The Artistic Discipline Council is composed/involves the heads of all departments at the University, upon meeting the conditions outlined in Article 20 (1) points 1-7 of the Act. Each department is represented by one individual, elected by its members from those holding a post-doctor degree or the title of professor.  However, if the department head does not meet the criteria specified in Article 20 (1) points 1-7 of the Act, then two representatives are chosen in that department, along with the director of the doctoral school. The rules for the operation of the Artistic Discipline Council and the detailed procedures falling under the competence of the Artistic Discipline Council are determined by the Senate in separate resolutions.