Student Council

The Student Council of The Chopin University of Music is active in the following areas:

1. DEDACTIC PROCESS AND ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS - participation in the collegiate bodies of the University and committees, participation in legal acts and giving opinions on decisions of the authorities concerning students, participation in the process of granting material aid.

2. QUALITY ASSURANCE OF EDUCATION - participation in the work of relevant committees, giving opinions on study plans, submitting rationalization proposals, preparing the process of surveying teaching activities, working to improve information policy, organizing training, preparing for the introduction of an electronic student service system at the University.
3. DEFENSE OF STUDENTS' RIGHTS - resolving individual student problems and concerns, responding to cases of inappropriate practices at the University.

4. REPRESENTATION OF STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY - representation of students at academic ceremonies and important national or artistic events, statements in the media, occasional speeches.
5. ORGANIZING ARTISTIC EVENTS - organizing and promoting student activity in the field of culture and art, concerts festivals, cyclical and one-time events, charitable activities, Artistic Juvenalia (together with the Aleksander Zelwerowicz Theater Academy in Warsaw).
6. COOPERATION WITH OTHER STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS AND PARTICIPATION IN NATIONAL STRUCTURES - active membership in the Parliament of Students of the Republic of Poland, activity within the Forum of Students of Arts Universities and the Warsaw Universities Agreement, cooperation with student governments of other universities, international cooperation.



  • Members of the Board of the Student Council of the UMFC Warsaw

    Szymon Christianus - chairman (Department of Sound Engineering)
    Anna Urbanowicz - vice-chairman (Department of Vocal and Acting Studies)
    Mateusz Stachowiak - vice-chairman (Department of Vocal and Acting Studies)
    Piotr Bujnowski - treasurer (Department of Vocal and Acting Studies)
    Julia Witczak - secretary (Department of Dance).

    Lena Michajłów (Department of Composition and Theory of Music)
    Jakub Grzybowski (Department of Symphonic and Opera Conducting)
    Szymon Poniszowski (Department of Instrumental Studies)
    Agata Majchrzak (Department of Instrumental Studies)
    Dagmara Michalak (Department of Instrumental Studies)
    Anna Urbanowicz (Department of Vocal and Acting Studies)
    Mateusz Stachowiak (Department of Vocal and Acting Studies)
    Julia Pliś (Department of Vocal and Acting Studies)
    Zuzanna Gajownik (Department of Music Education, Choral and Rhythmics)
    Michal Skrzynski (Department of Music Education, Choral Studied and Rhythmics)
    Maryla Klosowska (Department of Sound Engineering)
    Mikolaj Grzebieniowski (Department of Sound Engineering)
    Julia Witczak (Department of Dance)
    Krystian Rzymkiewicz (Department of Dance)
    Wojciech Zielinski (Department of Jazz and Stage Music)

    Ewa Christianus (Department of Music Education, Choral and Rhythmica)
    Antoni Figurski (Department of Instrumental Studies)
    Julian Gilewski (Department of Symphonic and Opera Conducting)
    Julia Lejman (Department of Sound Engineering)
    Jacek Ornafa (Department of Vocal and Acting Studies)
    Wojciech Smierzchalski (Department of Sound Engineering)
    Julia Wlodarczyk (Department of Instrumental Studies)



  • Members of the Faculty Student Council of the UMFC Białystok Branch

    Gabriela Korzycka

    Marianna Gurne

    Wiktoria Podgrudna 
    Instrumental Studies:

    1.    Maciej Foryszewski
    2.    Barbara Celińska 
    Vocal Studies:

    1.    Nicola Zuber
    2.    Andrzej Michałowski