About the UMFC

The Chopin University of Music is Poland’s oldest and largest institution of higher education constantly developing collaboration with the biggest music centres in Poland and around the world. 

Our students are taught at ten departments in Warsaw and at the UMFC branch in Białystok and they can choose between nine majors: Composition and Theory of Music, Conducting, Instrumental Studies, Vocal Studies, Artistic Education within the Art of Music, Church Music, Dance, Jazz and Stage Music, and Sound Engineering.

The University offers first and second cycle studies as well as Doctoral School. Other forms of education at the UMFC are fee-based postgraduate studies and artistic training. The University awards its graduates with the professional title of ‘licencjat’ – upon completion of first cycle studies, and the professional title of ‘magister sztuki’ – upon completion of second cycle studies.

At the UMFC, we feel responsible for the future of our alumni. We pay special attention to supporting the initiatives undertaken by students and appreciating their initiative-oriented attitudes. Students who pursue intense artistic and academic activity, prepare for participation in international competitions and other significant artistic and academic undertakings, and also students with particularly difficult living conditions or temporary health problems may follow an individual curriculum and plan of study.

Additionally, our alumni also have an opportunity to improve their competencies as part of the Initiative Centre and during monthly courses called Reach the Stars enabling them to develop their skills under the supervision of the most renowned artists from all over the world. Among musicians and ensembles originating from our institution we can find leading Polish and world-famous artists.