Chair of Theory of Music

The Chair of Theory of Music focuses research and teaching employees who, apart from teaching, conduct academic studies connected with the widely understood theory of music. The Chair’s employees regularly participate in academic conferences in Poland and abroad and publish academic articles in all-Poland and international journals. The scope of their research interests covers such areas as Polish music, time and space in music, anthropology of music, philosophy of music, operology, librettology, correspondence of arts, history of music theory, as well as topics connected with biographies – part the most recent research are the publications by Krystyna Juszyńska (about Miłosz Magina), Temina Cadi Sulumuna (about Henriette Renié), or Iwona Świdnicka (about Sergei Rachmaninov). The Chair oversees the package of theoretical and music subjects taught at the UMFC – such as: Analysis of Music Piece, History of Music, Music Styles, Counterpoint, Harmony, Aural Training, etc., primarily at the Department of Composition and Theory of Music but also at other UMFC Departments. The Chair of Theory of Music may boast with its vast publishing achievements. The latest works include multi-author monographs about: Stanisław Moryto (edited by K. Szymańska-Stulka), M. Borkowski (edited by. A. Gronau-Osińska), or M. Sawa (edited by M. T. Łukaszewski). The Chair of Theory of Music supervises the 1st and 2nd cycle studies for the major of Composition and Theory of Music, specialty: Theory of Music. The aim of these studies is preparing fully qualified theoreticians of music able to work at music schools of all levels, radio and press editorial offices (as music journalists) and undertake individual research activity. Many outstanding scholars have been connected with the Chair of Theory of Music. On that list we can include Marian Borkowski, J. Katarzyna Dadak-Kozicka, Stanisław Dąbek, Mieczysława Demska-Trębacz, Magdalena Dziadek, Jerzy Gołos, Jerzy Erdman, Małgorzata Komorowska, Wojciech Nowik, Marek Podhajski, Maria Piotrowska, Witold Rudziński, Stefan Śledziński, Jadwiga Zabłocka, or Maciej Zalewski.

Members of the Chair
dr hab. Marcin Łukaszewski, prof. UMFC - Head of the Chair
prof. dr hab. Krystyna Juszyńska
dr hab. Alicja Gronau-Osińska, prof. UMFC
dr hab. Maria Pokrzywińska, prof. UMFC
dr hab. Katarzyna Szymańska-Stułka, prof. UMFC
ad. dr hab. Joanna Cieślik-Klauza
ad. dr hab. Leszek Lorent
ad. dr hab. Agnieszka Muszyńska-Andrejczyk
ad. dr hab. Małgorzata Szyszkowska
ad. dr hab. Iwona Świdnicka
ad. dr Ines Ruiz Artola
ad. dr Grażyna Paciorek-Draus
ad. dr Temina Cadi Sulumuna