Department of Jazz and Stage Music

In the time of non-stop development of multimedia technologies and constant demand for new and creative artistic productions in the field of music, a need has arisen at the Chopin University of Music for the founding of a new specialty dedicated to instrument players who work in the widely understood area of rhythmic and improvised music. In October 2017, the DEPARTMENT OF INSTRUMENTAL STUDIES created a new major called Jazz and Stage Music with a specialty named Jazz and World Music. This way the Chopin University of Music joined other Polish higher education institutions training jazz artists. On 1 October 2019, as part of structural changes connected with the new act on higher education 2.0, the major became part of the newly created DEPARTMENT OF DANCE AND STAGE MUSIC at our university.  

The studies are addressed to active artists – performers who search for innovations in their creative work as part of their music genres, including the changes taking place nowadays.
The essence of the studies is a personal plan created by a student, a specific vision which takes into consideration artistic aims and development, using the range of solutions offered by the University.
Classes are mainly based on projects, practical work, masterclasses with renowned artists, and contacts with the community representatives. They will allow students to determine their own professional path and creative experiments based on analysing and reflecting on their performance work and artistic identity. Students will acquire great technical skills and creative presentation skills.
In June 2020, despite extraordinary epidemic circumstances, we had magnificent BA diploma performances for the specialty of Jazz and World Music.

In the academic year 2020/2021 MA-level studies in the specialty JAZZ were opened – they are a continuation of teaching thoughts presented during BA studies.  The curriculum of MA studies has modern content, which will allow graduates not only to improve their performance skills but also to obtain competencies and skills necessary for making original music. There is a great focus on modern technologies which nowadays facilitate the work of musicians as well as on the Production and promotion of own projects. The curriculum also includes topics in building original artistic brand and activity in two intertwining worlds: artistic and business one. Students may also obtain teaching qualifications in collaboration with the UMFC Teaching College.