We are the oldest and largest music school in Poland and one of the largest in Europe.
We have modern chamber halls, a Concert Hall with 450 seats and modern recording and mixing studios with Dolby Atmos.

    • On the first floor of the UMFC at Okólnik 2 there are: teaching rooms, the Frederic Chopin Concert Hall, bookstore, library, Senate Room, administrative rooms, GAMA Club, elevator

    • On the second floor of the UMFC at Okólnik 2 are: Performance halls (Stanislaw Moniuszko Opera Hall, Henryk Melcer Chamber Hall, Karol Szymanowski Auditorium and Cinema Hall), teaching rooms, dean's offices, administrative rooms, elevator.


  • Plan of the ground floor of Chopin University of Music

  • Plan of the first floor of Chopin University of Music

  • The studios and directing rooms on levels -1 and -2 host: recording sessions of classical, jazz and stage music, didactic classes for students and workshops in editing and the application of sound effects in film and theater, classes in the application of multimedia techniques in art, post-production of dialogues and synchronous effects in audiovisual forms, public concerts of new music with the use of multimedia, Internet broadcasts of artistic events, presentations of recordings for popular and educational purposes, examinations and competitions in the field of sound directing and multimedia techniques (including inter-nationally).


  • Study rooms level -1

  • Study rooms level -2