Chair of Vocal Studies

Content-wise, the programme of the Chair of Vocal Studies serves its primary goal, i.e., teaching solo singing. The forms of its implementation, complementing the process of individual education of students, are varied – from theme concerts and performances regularly prepared by each teacher, to young singers’ participation in vocal competitions, masterclasses, demonstrative lessons, etc., in Poland and abroad, as well as their participation in important music events, especially events featuring renowned singers. An important matter influencing the quality of singers’ education is the Chair’s collaboration with other UMFC Chairs, especially the ones related to performance.

A particularly significant part of the Chair’s activity is the organisation of masterclasses featuring outstanding musicians. A permanent and important element of the Chair’s activity is also the organisation of the Edmund Kossowski Inter-University Artistic Song Performance Competition as well as academic sessions devoted to the performance of Polish songs and operas.

The teachers at the Chair aim towards obtaining the best possible didactic results also thanks to improving their own skills. The task of the Chair of Vocal Studies is putting forward requests to the Department Council to award subsequent academic degrees. Other forms of academic activity, such as participation in and exchanging experiences as part of academic conferences, sessions, lectures, meetings and courses with singing teachers, serve that purpose as well. The places for these activities are Polish universities and other all-Poland and international forums.


  • Members of the Chair

    dr hab. Jolanta Janucik, prof. UMFC - Head of the Chair
    prof. dr hab. Grzegorz Chrapkiewicz
    prof. dr hab. Robert Cieśla
    prof. dr hab. Ryszard Cieśla
    prof. dr hab. Ewa Iżykowska-Lipińska
    prof. dr Anna Mikołajczyk-Niewiedział
    prof. dr hab. Mikołaj Moroz
    prof. dr hab. Gabriela Silva,
    prof. dr hab. Artur Stefanowicz
    dr hab. Anna Radziejewska, prof. uczelni
    dr hab. Eugenia Rozlach, prof. uczelni
    ad. dr hab. Robert Gierlach
    ad. dr hab. Magdalena Idzik
    ad. dr hab. Dorota Radomska
    ad. dr hab. Agnieszka Kurowska-Janecka
    as. dr Marcin Wortmann
    as. dr Ye Young Sohn
    ad. dr Ae-Ran Kim
    as. dr Anna Bednarska
    as. dr Olga Boczar
    as. Jacek Kotlarski