Department of Sound Engineering

One of the world-first and Poland’s unique centre teaching sound engineers. It was founded in 1954. After three years of BA-level studies graduates may apply for 2-year MA studies in one of three specialties: Music Production, Film and TV Sound Engineering and Sound Engineering in the Multimedia. Graduates from 2nd cycle studies may work as sound directors and sound producers, film sound operators, music illustrators plus they may work in other music professions connected with sound creation.

Main and major subjects cover, among others: Music Production, Film Sound Engineering, Sound Creation in Multimedia, Documentary Recordings, Production of Electronic Music, Sound Illustration, Sound Effect Production, Phonographic Analysis of Scores, Film Sound Aesthetics, History of Film, Studio Technique, Timbre Solfege, Acoustics, Electroacoustics, or Basics of electronics. Music subjects: Score Reading, Music Literature, Aural Training, Piano Playing, Choir, Orchestration, Arrangement, Seminar in Jazz Music.

From the academic year 2018/2019 the previously developed programme and organisation of the extension of studies with multimedia subjects as part of the Inter-University Multimedia Specialty has been changed. Candidates for second cycle studies in the following specialties: Film and TV Sound Engineering and Music Production may select programme extension adding multimedia subjects and the programme shall be followed based on separately constructed curricula.