Analizing the lives of graduates

For what purpose do we conduct career monitoring?
Career monitoring of UMFC graduates is conducted primarily to adapt the study program at our University to the needs of the labor market. Thanks to the study, we can learn about the career fate of our graduates, as well as determine the relationship between the educational path and success in the labor market.

How is UMFC career monitoring conducted?
The study of careers of UMFC graduates is carried out on the basis of the Rector's Order No. 62/2021 dated 13.12.2021 (PDF 0.26 MB). The UMFC Promotion and Careers Office is responsible for the organization and implementation of the survey. Graduates' opinions are collected through a panel survey system, in which graduates are surveyed within a year from the date of the diploma exam. The questions focus on their professional situation and their opinions on their graduate studies and the quality of their education. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Each graduate of the year covered by the survey will receive a short questionnaire by e-mail, the completion and return of which (also by e-mail) will be the basis for a reliable survey.

On what legal basis do we conduct our own career monitoring and process student data?
UMFC conducts its own career monitoring of graduates on the basis of Article 352(14) of the Law on Higher Education and Science dated July 20, 2018. In light of the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the basis for processing the personal data of graduates including names, surnames, mailing address and email address is Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR. Detailed information on data processing in this process can be found here .

ELA - monitoring the Economic Fate of Graduates of Higher Education Institutions
The website also provides information on the nationwide system for monitoring the fate of graduates run by the Ministry of Education and Science based on administrative data from the Social Insurance Institution and the POL-on system. ELA provides reliable information on the situation of graduates of all Polish universities in the labor market.