Teaching department

What do we do?
The Teaching Department collects, processes and archives the documentation of the course of first and second cycle studies using the USOS system, conducts matters related to financial support for students and doctoral students, as well as collects and processes data on education programs, study plans, organization of classes, group and individual classes schedules.

What matters can you address to us?
In the Teaching Department:
    1) you will obtain information on study programs and study rules
    2) you will receive a certificate of student status
    3) you can apply for the Rector's scholarship and financial assistance (social scholarships, for people with disabilities, allowances)
    4) collect and extend your ID student
    5)you will receive substantive assistance in the field of the USOS system
    6) you will receive a graduation diploma

How to contact us?
Due to the large number of cases, we encourage you to contact us by e-mail (dzialnauczania@chopin.edu.pl), via traditional mail or telephone contact - (22) 278 92 12, during the opening hours of customers.

Remember that by using the UMFC academic mail, you will help in settling your case faster!