Chair of Musical Acoustics and Multimedia

Teaching activity
The Chair faculty members and associates teach the following courses at the Department of Sound Engineering:
•    first-degree (Bachelor-Degree) studies: Timbre Solfege, Acoustics, Electroacoustics, Mathematics, Fundamentals of Electronics, Introduction to Electroacoustic Music, Studio Technology, Fundamentals of Programming, Technical Laboratory Practicum.
•    second-degree (Master-Degree) studies: Production of Electroacoustic Music, Seminar in Auditory Assessment of Sound, Production of Multimedia Projects, Master Thesis Seminar, Digitalization and Restoration of Sound Recordings, Electroacoustic Systems, Digital Distribution of Audio and Video Content, Interactive Sound, Fundamentals of 3-D Sound, Multimedia Promotion, Fundamentals of Video Transformation and Editing, Object Programming, Interactive Systems,  Seminar in Multimedia Projects.
The Chair faculty also teach courses at the Department of Composition and Music Theory (Fundamentals of Acoustics, Electronic Music) and general elective courses.
Artistic and research activity
The Chair’s research area includes a wide range of topics concerned with musical acoustics, psychoacoustics, methodology of sound quality assessment, room acoustics, acoustics, and methodology of timbral ear-training. The artistic activity of the Chair members manifests itself in a variety of projects concerned with the production of electroacoustic music, sound projection and the application of multimedia technology in art. An annual artistic event called the Multimedia Spring Picnic, organized since 2011 at the Chopin University of Music is a presentation of audio installations, virtual reality projects, audio-visual and performative art. The Chair members also participate in multimedia exhibitions, such as the WRO Media Art Biennale and have been involved in the production of artistic events of the Warsaw Autumn International Festival of Contemporary Music.

Members of the Chair
dr hab. Tomira Rogala, prof. UMFC - Head of the Chair
prof. dr hab. Barbara Okoń-Makowska
prof. dr hab. Andrzej Miśkiewicz
ad. dr hab. Andrzej Brzoska
ad. dr Dorota Błaszczak
ad. dr Joanna Szczepańska-Antosik
as. dr Andrzej Artymowic
as. Przemysław Danowski
as. Jacek Majer
as. Bartosz Szkiełkowski
as. Małgorzata Szymańska
as. Igor Szymański