Artistic and Academic Circle of Rhythmics Students “Anacrusis”

The Artistic and Academic Circle of Rhythmics Students “Anacrusis” has operated since 2013. It unites students interested in expanding their knowledge and skills related to rhythmics method and other methods used in modern music education.

The aim of the circle is to promote rhythmics both within the UMFC academic community and outside of it, and to support students specialising in rhythmics in their artistic and academic endeavours. The activity of the circle refers to the organisation of education-related events, such as workshops in rhythmics, improvisation and movement technique, and lectures on topics connected with the widely understood music education. Members of the circle meet cyclically during Film Evenings, which are an opportunity for discussion and exchange of opinions on current trends in music education, culture and art. The circle’s academic supervisor is Asst. Prof. dr Agnieszka Widlarz.