Chair of Wind Instruments

The Chair of Wind Instruments covers the classes of Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba – it employs 16 full-time teachers (including 7 professors). Nearly all of them are comprehensively active musicians, soloists, chamber musicians, and members of leading Polish orchestras – National Philharmonic, Sinfonia Varsovia, Grand Theatre – National Opera or National Symphony Orchestra of the Polish Radio, performing in Poland and abroad. Aside of their concert and teaching activity, members of the Chair sit on the jury of national and international competitions and are involved in research work, engaging themselves in the organisation of academic sessions, seminars and music workshops. In 2019, the UMFC will already hold the 12th edition of the All-Poland Competition for Chamber Wind Ensembles in Warsaw organised by the Chair – a unique event of this kind in Poland. Students from the Chair each year win numerous awards in solo and chamber categories at competitions held in Poland and abroad. The most talented of them apply for postgraduate studies or soloist studies at universities abroad. In recent years, students from our Chair ha dan opportunity to meet outstanding professors from foreign institutions during competitions and academic seminars organised by the Chair. Among them were such artists as P. Meyer, P. Gallois, S. Brill, P. Carrero, R. Dick, B. Claessens, J.Y. Fourmeau, or A. Liberknecht.

Members of the Chair
dr hab. Artur Kasperek, prof. UMFC - Head of the Chair
prof. dr hab. Paweł Gusnar
prof. dr hab. Zbigniew Płużek
prof. dr hab. Mirosław Pokrzywiński
prof. dr hab. Zdzisław Stolarczyk
dr hab. Arkadiusz Adamski, prof. UMFC
dr hab. Urszula Janik-Lipińska, prof. UMFC
dr hab. Arkadiusz Krupa, prof. UMFC
ad. dr hab. Romuald Gołębiowski
ad. dr hab. Aleksander Szebesczyk
ad. dr hab. Tytus Wojnowicz
ad. dr hab. Marek Żwirdowski
ad. dr Tomasz Bińkowski
as. Jan Harasimowicz
as. Adrian Janda
as. Jakub Waszczeniuk