UMFC VR is a research project carried out at the Chopin University of Music. During the research we created a workflow for the production and distribution of immersive music concert experiences with a very high resolution and quality of spatial audio. Thanks to our bespoke software, it has become possible to simultaneously use surround sound in object-oriented and fifth-order ambisonic formats. This allows for full immersion in the experience of music.

The UMFC VR booth is a specially adapted exhibition space, where one can watch recordings of music concerts in virtual reality technology created as part of the UMFC Sound Engineering Department's collaboration with artists and institutions. These experiences include concerts of classical music, including contemporary, early as well as jazz and experimental music.

UMFC VR technology has been used to produce recordings of concerts for institutions such as the Fryderyk Chopin National Institute, the National Film Archive - Audiovisual Institute (FINA), and the Polish Composers' Union.

UMFC VR's technology partners are leaders in the fields of spatial & interactive sound and virtual reality technology. Among them are companies such as Audiokinetic, atmoky and htc. Thanks to the cooperation with atmoky, UMFC VR has a very natural-sounding binaural sound. Polish company hyperbook is supporting our efforts by providing mobile workstations. In our experiments on live streaming of VR broadcasts, we collaborated with the Gdansk University of Technology. We also participated in experiments related to the 6DoF system of Zylia, a manufacturer of third-order ambisonic microphones.