Chopin University Wind Ensemble

Robert W. Rumbelow - Principal Conductor


The idea to create a world-class brass, woodwind, and percussion ensemble at the Chopin Academy of Music came from Professor Mirosław Pokrzywiński (who then was head of Chair of Woodwind and Brass Instruments) and was connected with the desire to honour the 40th anniversary ceremony of this chair. The first concert of the orchestra took place on 15th December 1998 and was conducted by Paweł Przytocki. When Professor Jan Jeżewski was appointed its director, the orchestra started its regular participation in the concert life of the Academy, starting the cooperation with Grzegorz Mielimąka, a conductor specializing in this field, and since 2013 with conductor Robert Rumbelow. The rich diversity of programmes performed by the orchestra include wind band masterworks by master composers throughout the world as well as contemporary compositions of high quality. The Wind Orchestra's performances are highly anticipated by both audiences and student musicians each year.