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Miłosz Bembinow


Fot. Agata Fiech

Miłosz Bembinow is a composer, conductor, prize-winner of composition competitions, holder of scholarships of the Bavarian Government and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

He is an author of choir and oratorio pieces, as well as film and light music. His works have been recorded on 30 CDs, two of which won the “Fryderyk” award. For 20 years he has been an organizer of cultural activities, and an activist of a number of societies and foundations, e.g. the Polish Composers’ Union and the Society of Authors and Stage Composers (recently).

Currently he is Assistant Professor at the FCUM’s Chair of Composition. The subject of his doctoral thesis was the piece Amor vincit for mezzo-soprano, baritone, choir and orchestra and its description from the perspective of the specificity of a composer’s work. The thesis also presented the origin of the composition, and also issues connected with the selection and usage of text. Among other things, it touched on the problems resulting from the usage of complex performance apparatus – e.g. a wide range of possibilities concerning texture and sound. In his written thesis Miłosz Bembinow also concentrated on placing the piece Amor vincit in a historical context and attempting to give an answer to a question about the role of this kind of music nowadays – what kind of audience a secular piece with a cantata and oratorio character can be addressed to at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century.

At his parent university Miłosz Bembinow has taught the following subjects since 2004: Score Reading, Orchestration, and Propaedeutics of Composition and Arrangement, all at the Department of Choir Conducting, Music Education, Church Music, Rhythmics and Dance, as well as Score Reading, Orchestration and Contemporary Composer Techniques at the Department of Composition, Conducting and Theory of Music.

More information: www.bembinow.com

e‑mail: miloszb@chopin.edu.pl