ad. dr hab.

Andrzej Morawiec


Graduate from the State Ballet School (1986) and Leningrad Culture Centre, Department of Choreography and Ballet Pedagogy (1990). He danced in the ballet ensemble of the National Silesian Opera (1990–1991) and Silesian Dance Theatre (1991–1994) in Bytom, where at the same time he was an assistant and he supervised foreign choreographers’ rehearsals.

He was a guest performer at Dance Theatres in Gdańsk and Kielce. He was also an instructor and choreographer of Sport Acrobatics Section of the Academic Sports Association, Physical Education Academy in Katowice and lecturer at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. He taught classical and contemporary dance and created numerous choreographic works  for the State Ballet School in Bytom which were presented in Poland and abroad. It was there that he founded the Tom Bombadil Dance Company, and the choreography of “Loa” performed by this ensemble won an honorary mention at the 2nd Young Choreographers’ Debuts in Gdańsk (1997).

Since September 2001, he has worked as a contemporary dance teacher at the General Ballet School in Gdańsk. Since 2002 he has held the function of a lecturer at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. He co-founded the “Tricity Dance Corporation” focusing the best dancers connected with Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot and there he worked mainly as a solo dancer.

Teaching achievements:

  • preparation of students for competitions, prize-winners:
    • The Wojciech Wiesiołłowski All-Poland Dance Competition in Gdańsk: Barbara Bartnik (1st place – younger group), Romina Kołodziej (1st place – younger group), Agnieszka Pietyra (3rd place – older group), Joanna Rynkiewicz (finalist), Anna Rabsztyn (finalist), Hanna Woczka (honorary mention for the best partner with no points for the contemporary routine), Katarzyna Antosiak (1st place in the category of contemporary dance), Agata Kuczyńska (1st place – younger group), Marta Borczakowska (2nd place – younger group), Paulina Borczakowska (finalist), Zuzanna Perszewska (3rd place on the category of contemporary dance), Zuzanna Marszał (finalist), Zbigniew Kocięba (3rd place in the category of contemporary dance), Justyna Wołoch (1st place in the category of contemporary dance), Arkadia Ślósarska (3rd place the category of contemporary dance)
    • The All-Poland Youngest Balleet Dancers’ Competition: Agata Kuczyńska (1st place), Marta Borczakowska (2nd place), Paulina Borczakowska (3rd place), Anna Czeszejko (3rd place).

Artistic achievements:

  • Loa, music by R. Moran, A. Balanescu, J. Lurie, performed by Tom Bombadil Dance Company, State General Ballet School in Bytom, 2nd Young Choreographers’ Debuts, Gdańsk;
  • An Album Page , music by Fryderyk Chopin, performed by students at the State General Ballet School in Bytom, 18th Poznań Opera Workshops, Great Theatre, Poznań;
  • Ubidojne Wachełka, music by J.S. Bach, K. Schulze, P. Namlook, R. Aubry, The Beatles, performed by: State General Ballet School in Bytom;
  • P®UDER-ja, music by Aleksandra Bilińska, performed by: Polish Dance Theatre, Poznań;
  • Four Dances, music by Karol Szymanowski, performed by: Kielce Dance Theatre, Kielce;
  • Merlin-Szenen, music by Juergen Schmitt, performed by: Music Theatre, Gliwice, Theater Bibrastrasse, Würzburg, Germany;
  • Dreams of Freedom, music by Maciej Jeleniewski, Przemysław Popławski, music and theatre performance for the 30th  anniversary of the Independent Self-governing Trade Union “Solidarity”, Gdańsk;
  • Three Pieces in an Old Style, music by Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, performed by: FCUM students, Warsaw;
  • Puppet®-ja, music by Aleksandra Bilińska, Warsaw Dance Platform, Warsaw;
  • To be like Krzysztof Krawczyk, directed by Andrzej Mańkowski, Witold Gombrowicz City Theatre, Gdynia.

Awards and honorary mentions: 1st place at the 1st National Artistic Promotion Competition in the category of Dance – Łódź 2000 (Pegasus Award); 2nd prize at the 2nd All-Poland Stage Art Festival in the category of Stage Movement for the choreography for What’s in my heart, Warsaw 2001; Individual Award of the 2nd degree for special contribution to the development of artistic education in Poland – 2005 (Head of CEA); Award of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage – For Merits to Polish Culture, Warsaw 2014.