prof. dr hab.

Witold Osiński

music recording

Witold Osiński, sound engineer, mathematician, drummer and guitarist, graduated from Warsaw University (1982) and the Warsaw Academy of Music (1988) in the class of Professor Krystyna Diakon, continuator of the aesthetic ideas and phonographic class of one of the founders of the Department of Sound Engineering, Professor Antoni Karużas. W. Osinski’s master’s dissertation on the phenomenology of phonography won an award at the Seventh Polish National Competition of Master’s Dissertations (1990).

Witold Osiński has been working at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music since 1989, first as assistant, then as postdoctoral fellow (1996), associate professor (2004) and full professor (2015). In the period of 2000–2004 he was Deputy Dean, and during the terms of office of 2005–2008 and 2008–2012 he held the function of Dean of the Department of Sound Engineering. During the 2012 elections he was elected Deputy Dean of the Department of Sound Engineering at the FCUM.

Osiński has been recording since 1988, mainly jazz and ambitious popular music.

He has also collaborated on the sound elaboration of theatre performances at the following theatres: Dramatyczny, Współczesny, Studio, Żydowski, Komedia. He has co-operated continually with Roma Music Theatre since 2000.

He has realised many recordings for the cinema, theatre and television including recordings of the Orthodox choir for Andrzej Wajda’s film Nastazja and Grzegorz Ciechowski’s music for Tomasz Magierski’s Magic Brothers.

Witold Osiński has worked on the sound amplification of concerts and liturgies in churches and of solo and ensemble concerts in concert halls and jazz clubs.

In 1997 Osiński collaborated with professor Krzysztof Grabowski on the comparison of the hue of natural and artificial aftersound (KBN grant) and presented several papers at sound engineering symposia. He also conducted workshops at the Fourth Warsaw Science Festival.

Witold Osiński believes that the most important part of the sound engineer’s work is creation of the sonoric and spatial values of the sound image.

In his leisure time Witold Osiński is a passionate mountain tourist and also plays chess and reads the works of the founding fathers of the catholic church and classical and contemporary philosophers. His favourite authors are T. Merton and C. S. Lewis.