prof. dr hab.

Mirosław Pokrzywiński


Mirosław Pokrzywiński is a graduate of the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music where he studied the clarinet in Professor R. Sztajerwald’s class. He began to perform as a soloist and chamber orchestra member at a quite young age.

He has taken part in many competitions and has won a number of prizes including:

  • 1st prize at the International Clarinet Competition in Włoszakowice (1975),
  • 2nd prize in Markneukirchen (1976) and
  • 1st prize in Ancona (1979).

He was also one of the eight finalists at the International Clarinet Competition in Munich (1977).

Mirosław Pokrzywiński founded the “Da Camera” wind instrument quintet and together they have won several chamber music competitions (Ancona, Colmar, Munich). Mirosław Pokrzywiński and “Da Camera” are active concert performers (more than 200 concerts in the USA and Europe). They have recorded for such record companies as Aulos, Sonoton, Olympia and Dux. Their last record (Dux) received the title of Record of the Year (chamber music category), conferred by Studio Magazine, in 1996.

Together with the pianist Maja Nosowska, Mirosław Pokrzywiński has made many archival recordings of clarinet music for the Polish Radio. He also plays contemporary music and takes part in many festivals in Poland and abroad. He specialises in the bass clarinet and several composers have dedicated their work to him.

Mirosław Pokrzywiński has been a member of the National Philharmonic Orchestra since 1975. He also teaches a clarinet class at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.