Academic Post and USOS

The UMFC academic mail is the main and official way of exchanging information at the Chopin University of Music.
Check your account regularly so that:

·         you will not miss any important information about your studies,

·         you will efficiently handle most matters related to their service,
·         you will quickly arrange a meeting with a career counselor and photographer (graduate students),
·         you will gain access to  free courses and trainings created especially for you,
·         you will gain access to information about the possibility of performances co-organized or coordinated by the Career Office,
·         you will gain access to information about the possibility of paid performances organized by external entities,
·         you will get information about available scholarships and the rules for applying for them,
·         you will receive information about applications to the competitions you are interested in (according to your studies profile),
·         you will quickly settle your affairs in contacts with the administration of our University!

If you do not have access to academic e-mail yet, contact your dean's office!
You can check your account via any e-mail application on your phone, tablet or computer (link to the instructions here: or instructions available for download at the bottom of this page) or on the website