Psychological support

The  Chopin University of Music offers free psychological support for all students , doctoral students and employees of the University.

Forms of support (in Polish and English):

  • supporting, motivating and therapeutic conversations,
  • providing psychological support including various forms of psychological activities
  • assistance in solving traumatic and crisis situations,
  • psychoeducation,
  • consultation and providing information on other possibilities of getting specialist assistance

The meetings are not psychotherapy and are not equivalent to a visit to a psychiatrist.

Reservations are required. Registrations can be made:
- by e-mail (via e-mail in the domain) at the address:
- by phone at +48 517 781 500. Telephone bookings are accepted from Monday to Friday from 8.00-16.00. In a critical situation, you can also book an appointment apart from these hours.

Psychologist's hours of operation:
- Mondays 13.30-16.30 (online)- Mrs. Anna Seretny
- Tuesdays 16.30-20.30 (stationary) - Mrs. Aleksandra Tomaszek/Mrs. Katarzyna Polan
- Thursdays 9.00-12.00 (stationary) – Mrs. Anna Seretny
- Thursdays 11.30-14.30 (online)-Mrs. Agata Pałka

Stationary meetings will be held at the UMFC headquarter at ul. Okólnik 2 in Warsaw.