Department of Vocal and Acting Studies

General information
Candidates eligible to apply for admission to artistic training at the UMFC must have at least secondary school-leaving diploma but in special cases Rector may allow a person without such a diploma to undergo artistic training.
Artistic training may be offered in a language of tuition agreed on between an artistic supervisor and a trainee. In case when a curriculum of the training includes classes for different subjects the agreement should apply to all of them.
The enrolment procedure is carried out by Deans of each Department. The enrolment procedure is competitive.
Artistic training is fee-based. Fees for artistic training are determined each year by the University’s Rector. For current price list go to the official university website:
The annual teaching load of artistic training cannot be lower than 30 teaching hours. One teaching hour (TH) has 45 minutes.

Teaching offer
Major: Vocal Studies
Specialty: Solo Singing
Description: Classes with a selected vocal tutor and an accompanying pianist. Participants of artistic training have an option to select the scope of training from the following catalogue: preparation for an exam for first/second cycle studies, preparation for the registration and conferment procedure for a doctoral degree, masterclass covering selected vocal topics. There is an option to extend (for an extra fee) the programme of the training with additional classes, with Dean’s consent.
Major subject (singing) will be taught by professors and lecturers of the Department for Vocal and Acting Studies
In order to obtain a certificate of completion of artistic training with a final grade it is required to take the final exam. The end-of-semester exam has been indicated as an optional exam, depending on a teacher’s decision.
Criteria for final grade: the grade shall be given by the committee and the assessment criteria depend on the curriculum (from the catalogue listed above) defined by a teacher and agreed on with a trainee. Basic criteria of assessment: artistic value, technical value, progress of skills improvement.

Enrolment conditions
- a link to a video recording on the YouTube platform (two pieces – arias or songs – from the solo repertoire, in the original language, sung by heart) sent until 1 July 2022 to the following e-mail address:
The candidate’s whole body must be clearly visible throughout the recording, no close-ups, no image blur, no editing, with clearly audible music accompanying the singing; in good light in order to fully identify the singing person. The recording must include the candidate's introduction and information about the performed pieces (composer, author of the text/translation, title of an opera, oratorio, song/play)

4 200 EUR per 30 THs of singing lessons taken with an accompanying pianist.

Terms and conditions of the enrolment – enrolment documents
Candidates should submit the following documents (by post – date of postmark serves as proof, or using the Contact Box to contact the Office for Teaching Affairs – Contact Box can be found in the University foyer next to the stairs), in compliance with the Rules of Artistic Training at the UMFC,
1. Admission application form for artistic training – in compliance with the specimen determined by the UMFC;
2. Personal questionnaire – in compliance with the specimen determined by the UMFC;
3. 2 photographs;
4. Commitment to incur the costs for artistic training – in compliance with the specimen determined by the UMFC;
5. Application for undergoing artistic training in a chosen foreign language in case of applying for artistic training offered in a foreign language;
6. Other documents, if specified in the information on the conditions of the enrolment for artistic training.

Foreign candidates, apart from the documents listed in Section 5, should also submit a certified copy of an insurance policy for the case of an illness or results of a fatal accident for the period of education in Poland or a copy of the European Health Insurance Card (EKUZ), or a signed declaration that the candidate shall take out insurance as part of the National Health Fund straight after beginning their training.
Candidates applying for admission to artistic training must submit their secondary school certificate, unless they present a university diploma, subject to Paragraph 10 Section 1 of the Rules of Artistic Training at the UMFC.
Persons who obtained their secondary school certificate or university diploma abroad shall be obliged to submit an authenticated document with a certified translation into Polish.
Being admitted to take the enrolment exam depends on whether a candidate has paid the enrolment fee.
Recruitment documents must be complete and in paper form. Candidates who do not submit a complete set of the required documents on time or who send them electronically, will not be accepted for the artistic training programme.